OpenVSP Workshop Presentation


Today I’d like to share with you a joint presentation that I did with Dr Vivek Ahuja from Research in Flight for the 2022 OpenVSP Workshop, held in the National Institute of Aerospace (Virginia).

The presentation focuses on the latest developments in Flightstream, including the CCS format and how that is significantly improving the experience of using Flightstream. As a part of this work and to facilitate a greater connection between Flightstream & OpenVSP, I have created a simple software utility that converts an OpenVSP model into a useable Flightstream CCS file. This resulting CCS file can be imported directly to Flightstream with 1-click and will perfectly capture your VSP model. The real benefits to the CCS workflow come in the form of simple parameter based meshing, as well as the ability to define and deflect control surfaces very easily from the CCS file.

This has not been possible previously in Flightstream; using a VSP model used to require exporting the model as either a CAD model or exporting the mesh directly, leading to a sometimes tedious workflow in Flightstream. The addition of the CCS format has overcome this issue and allows much more control.

The presentation discussing the new CCS format & integration of my software utility can be found here


The download for the VSP to Flightstream converter can be found in my projects page.