OpenVSP to FlightStream Model Conversion Utility Link to heading

This utility by DKAS Consulting allows you to quickly & easily convert your VSP model into a FlightStream ready CCS File. The CCS file can be imported to FlightStream with 1-click, and allows you to quickly and easily define mesh refinement & control surfaces.

Free Version: Download

Premium Version: Coming Soon.


Planned Features:

  • Config file to save parameters for each aircraft. No need to enter parameters every time.
  • 1-click automation
  • Control Surface setup automation

NB: The free version is for hobbyists and individual use ONLY. For commercial & educational uses, please contact me directly. For customisation requests, please contact me directly.

Flightstream_CFD Image shows VSP model converted to CCS using the conversion utility and imported into Flightstream.

DCS World Joystick Binding Script Creator (For Developers) Link to heading

A simple Python tool that automatically defines joystick bindings for DCS Modules. It works simply by copying your keyboard binding definitions and removing any preset bindings. This tool is intended for DCS developers creating aircraft modules.

Download Python Script Here