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DKAS Consulting is the brain-child of Daniel Kassabian & offers consulting services related to aerodynamics & aircraft CFD, Flight Simulation Development as well as general programming consultation.

Dan, along with his brother Alex, founded FlyingIron Simulations in 2018 and the company has become a stalwart in the Flight Sim community, with several aircraft released across multiple simulation platforms.

Daniel Kassabian & DKAS Consulting has worked on various simulators & projects since 2018, including:

  • X-plane 11 (FlyingIron Simulations)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (FlyingIron Simulations)
  • DCS World (FlyingIron Simulations)
  • Sound Engineering for all sims listed above
  • OpenVSP & Flightstream utility development + collaboration with Research in Flight

For more information on FlyingIron Simulations, please see the FlyingIron Website

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